Qigong Sydney Classes

A not-for-profit organisation, Qigong Sydney was established to provide Qigong Zhan Zhuang classes to the community.

Group classes are free and taught by an experienced instructor – Blaise Beach. Classes run from 10-11 am (1 hour). In the case of bad weather, dates may change.

Private lessons are also available.

Next scheduled class

Please complete a contact form to receive confirmation of exact dates and location.


Jinkers Green Park, Killara, NSW Australia


From Fiddens Wharf Rd, Killara, turn right onto Charles Street. Walk to house no. 31 Charles St (on the right hand side of the road facing away from Fiddens Wharf Rd) – the park entry is located in-between houses 31 and 33 Charles St, Killara.

Wet weather location

Location will be determined on the day if the park is too wet. Please email qigongsydney@gmail.com before a class to confirm location during wet weather.

Wet weather alternative: The Body Therapy Clinic: Shop 2 & 3/20-22 Moore Ave West Lindfield


Blaise Beach chief instructor demonstrating Holding the Balloon

Class Structure (60 minutes)

Warm Up
  • Arms circling
  • Knee rotation
  • Hip rotation
  • Wu Chi the first Position
  • Holding the Balloon the second position
Breathing & Calming the mind
  • Abdominal breathing technique
  • Relaxing your Body
  • Common sensations experienced
Ba Duan Jin (Eight Strands of Brocade)
  • Supporting the Sky
  • Drawing the Bow
  • Separating heaven and earth
  • Looking back at the Moon
  • Bending like a tree
  • Touching the feet
  • Clenching the fists
  • Shaking the body
  • Holding your Belly, the third position
  • Standing in the stream, the fourth position
  • Holding the balloon in front of your face, the fifth position
  • The Full Circle
Power Development
  • Open the Inner Gate
  • Knees up
  • Arm Circles
  • Full swing
Power testing
  •  Alone
  •  With Partner